Premiere: Okey Dokey Delivers Another Nostalgic Pop Gem With “Hometown”

Following the release of their highly lauded debut album ‘Love You, Mean It’ earlier this year, the blossoming Nashville duo delivers on their brand of soulful nostalgic indie pop yet again with “Hometown”.

Okey Dokey consists of lead vocalist Aaron Martin and singer/guitarist Johny Fisher, who both share songwriting duties. Since releasing their very first single “Wavy Gravy” last year, the band has seen early success, including placements on key Spotify playlists and a coveted booking at Austin City Limits Music Festival in October.

Wavy Gravy

Okey Dokey

According to Johny Fisher, “Hometown is about the fear of having to return to our small hometowns. You obviously always have a special place in your heart for where you come from, but at times, your hometown can be a bit overwhelming. Between people getting married, having jobs, kids, deaths, slow pace or whatever it may be, visiting your hometown might not always be a relaxing get away.”

The track features Sam Williams (The Weeks) on guitar and bass, Charlie Frederick (Kansas Bible Company) on trumpet, Kole Sharp (Morning Teleportation) on drums and Jeremy Clark (Rayland Baxter Band) on keys. It was co-produced by Johnny Mac at Acheron Studios in Nashville.

Give it a listen:


Okey Dokey

We’ll be keeping an eye on them as they grow.

Stream “Hometown” on SoundCloud and Spotify, or purchase it on iTunes.

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Discovery: The Northern Empty – “Rest My Bones”

My first discovery of 2017 comes in a wonderful indie folk anthem by unsigned Denver five-piece The Northern Empty. “Rest My Bones” takes listeners on an epic journey with a progressive build of acoustic guitar, piano, violin, and adorable male/female vocal harmony. The single was self-released on December 9.

Recommended if you like Passenger, Of Monsters And Men, or Mumford and Sons.

Listen below. Follow The Northern Empty on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Rest My Bones

The Northern Empty




Vérité finds the sweet spot between electro and pop in ‘Living’

Being an electropop artist in 2016 is not an easy feat. With the massive popularity of both EDM and indie pop, the space between the two has become quite interesting.

And it’s crowded in there, like a packed bar on a weekend night. It’s hot as hell, everyone is drenched in sweat, having the time of their lives. Yet each artist walks a fine tightrope between being the homegirl who is way too cool to dance, sitting on the couch tapping her foot, and the fist-pumping man-bro who uses the word “rage” in every other sentence.

Vérité seems to have found the sweet spot in her third EP, ‘Living’. She immediately captures you with catchy yet introspective hooks, which sound like what might come from Tinkerbell, if she were an angsty and rebellious teenager. Featuring the breakout single “Underdressed” (which currently boasts over 3.3 million streams on Spotify), and emerging hit “Constant Crush”, the release allows you to walk into a world where the cobwebs of painful past relationships and struggles are camouflaged underneath a thick layer of pop polish.



“Everything means everything, and nothing means nothing / so why hide your expletives under your breath?”

Constant Crush


Understated beats leave plenty of room for her to showcase her impressive vocal range, but will still have you grooving. In “Living”, she seems to hit the high notes effortlessly, and in “Rest” and “Gesture” you can feel the emotion travel from your ears directly into your blood, electrifying its way to your heart.



She seems to have found the right formula. Her past releases saw her garner fame amongst the indie blogosphere, and her most recent tour boasted a streak of sold-out shows. Another measure of viral success: she is currently accumulating a staggering 958,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. That momentum could launch her up the charts, and it’s only a matter of time before we hear her hitting high notes on mainstream radio. And hopefully there’s a full length record somewhere on the horizon.



Want to learn more about Vérité? Read her interview with Nylon from 2014, after she put out her first single “Weekend”, or check out a more recent interview with Harpers Bazaar from this April.

Find Vérité on the internet: Snapchat: VeriteOfficial | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website


Fascinating Article About A Band You Have Never Heard Of Before

new band

Just weeks ago, this band, which hails from a place which is memorable but at the same time not that significant, released a song. Damn, that song was really fucking good. I mean. So. Freaking. Good. Like so amazing it could potentially start a debate about who is the best new band of the 2015, which would rage as strong as an argument on whether Whataburger or In-N-Out has a better menu.

There were guitars. Damn, those guitars were good. And the melodies. OH MY GOD, what melodies. Did I hear somebody say drums? Wow, there were so many drums. It sounds like the heavenly love child of one well-known but still slightly under the radar indie band and a band so obscure that nobody fucking knows who it is.

The only problem is that this is their only track to date. I cried actual whale tears as I scoured YouTube, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Myspace (yes, Myspace), Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tinder, and PornHub to find even a sampling of their other material, but turned up nothing. What a fucking bummer.

We reached out to them via Twitter to answer some of our burning questions:

ThisNewBand: What an amazing song. What was the inspiration behind it?

This New Band: I don’t know, man, we just like to make music. We just get together in a room and hit record and this is what came out.

ThisNewBand: Are you planning on releasing more tracks? What should we expect from you in the future?

This New Band: We’ll definitely be making more music. A lot of harmony, a lot of melody, some guitar and drums, possibly a harmonica or a pan flute to make things interesting.


You heard it here first: this band will be recording more songs. Let’s just hope they come out sooner rather than later.

Sweden’s Westkust: One Of Our Favorite Bands Of The Year


It would be easy to assume that Westkust were a relic from a bygone era. Their sound is reminiscent of the early 90’s shoegaze bands that seeped out of Britain like a rolling fog. But Westkust are in fact very much of the moment. In 28 short minutes, the Swedish band’s debut record, ‘Last Forever’, rides a wave of distortion to find a gooey pop center in their songs. Originally conceived as a side project by Hugo Randulv (bass, guitar) and Gustav Data Andersson (guitar), the band has now released their debut record on Run for Cover. The four-piece first released an EP and a double A-side single before committing to the project full-time.



Singer Julia Bjernelind trades oohs and ahhs with guitarist/singer Gustav Andersson on the second single, the sublime “Swirl”. The song threatens to go careening off into a full on dissolution of noise, but the band grabs it back with the power of Andersson’s guitar lines. Lyrically, the song emulates the plaintive cries of the end of a relationship as Bjernland’s uses her falsetto to make us feel the ache in her attempts to salvage the love she once felt. “I don’t want you to go, I don’t want you to leave,” she begs, but the cacophony under her suggests it might be too late.



Each song is propelled by pulsating drums and Andersson’s knack for the right sound at the time right time. The real hidden secret here, through, is the underlying melancholy in the band’s sound. On “Jonna”, Bjernelind is full on heartbroken in her appeal to having her lover stay with her, if only for a moment more. The 8 songs on ‘Last Forever’ are full of images of angst and sadness but are balanced with just a dash of hope and joy to make the listener feel a wide range of emotions in just one listen.

Listen to this when: Your relationship is a bit rocky and you can’t decide if you want to cut it off all together. Somewhere in here is the answer, one way or another.

Premiere: WILD Gets Dark And Spooky With “Haunted Heart”

WILD - Haunted Heart

Outside, a dark and fierce storm is raging, strong winds forcing rain onto my window. It’s a scary change of pace from the clear, sunny days we are used to here in Texas. The seasons clearly are changing. It’s a coincidental parallel to the changes which LA-based folk-pop band WILD are going through.

Last month, we introduced them to you in this First Look feature. Today, we are honored to premiere a new track from them. “Haunted Heart” takes a darker, spookier turn from the sunny, upbeat, and cheery sound we are used to from the group.

Here is what the band had to say about the track: “We were feeling a little inspired in the Halloween season. We wanted to something a little different from our other stuff, a little darker, so we sat down one day, and by the end of it we had created Haunted Heart.”

Here’s the track, which is accompanied by an experimental video featuring the three band members, standing in their trademark masks with visuals projected onto them.

Haunted Heart


“Haunted Heart” is now available for purchase on iTunes, and streamable on Spotify.

Follow WILD:

Twitter • Facebook • Instagram • SoundCloud

You can find their album ‘Wild’ in the following places:

iTunes • Google Play • Amazon • Spotify

r u lonely? babes understands.

r u lonely? r u 4evr alone?

do u lay in bed n stare at the ceiling n wonder what ur doing w ur life?

do u wish u had a significant other to hold u tight & keep u warm??

couple cuddle

los angeles band Babes feels the same way. maybe y’all should go out?

they made a song for u called “lonely forever“!!!

Lonely Forever


this is Babes. they don’t like pants (trousers for you brits). why are pants even a thing?


get more Babes here: / twitter / facebook / soundcloud

and here’s more pictures of cute couples*, bc we have already lost all journalistic integrity:

cuties tumblr_mo14yyQFii1s421tso1_500 tumblr_nvcphhXs6T1u95jazo1_500

*stolen from tumblr. because duh.

(p.s. – there’s no reason to be lonely, just tweet us or dm us anytime.)