Artist Of The Day: Tyne

Tyne, the latest project of 19-year-old Grace Shelley, brings the horrors, charms, and pleasures of youth to the forefront of the chill pop scene.

Hailing from Cambridge, England, Tyne has become the newest cool girl of pop. Her intoxicating balance of confidence, detachment, and vulnerability make her a perfect breakout star that listeners can both admire and relate to. Despite only being in the music scene for a relatively short amount of time, Tyne is making an incredible impact on chill pop at a young age, with her few singles very quickly growing in popularity.

Formerly known as Grace Sarah, the singer made herself known with the delicate, electro-pop tune “Underwater.” At the end of 2016, Tyne was born and made her debut with “Somebodies Something,” an ambient ballad about yearning for love. This lead single is filled with an earnestness and innocence that tugs on the heartstrings, while marimba supplies a charming and simple accompaniment. Tyne has already reached a mature, signature sound from her past experiences with music, and certainly knows how to utilize synths, snaps, and drum beats while never overwhelming the delicate vocals. “Somebodies Something” signals that to establish herself as a developed artist.



Crawl,” the singer’s latest release, begins as a stripped piano ballad and maintains bare emotion as more stylized synths and breathy harmonies come into play. We thankfully never lose the piano throughout the song– the instrument plays back and forth with synth and drum machine in an interesting but refreshing fusion. Her vocals draw inevitable comparisons to other female indie pop artists such as breakout stars Halsey and Lorde, but her unique balance of vocal raspiness and clarity sets herself and the single apart as something special and new. The lyrics tell a story of finding empowerment through heartbreak and are explicit enough to make the listener feel that bittersweet pain and acceptance. The single has been well received, with over 250,000 plays on Spotify and counting as her haunting crooning has caught the attention of many interested in the chill pop scene.

Tyne’s other 2017 single, “Girly,” shows both a coherence and great range for the up-and-coming artist. “Girly” is a delightfully upbeat celebration of the young party scene. Despite the tone change from her other two songs, Tyne never loses her cool, maintaining her reserved and chillingly monotonous tone that seems to give the poppy melody added meaning.

While Tyne is just getting started as a new artist, she is certainly a powerhouse and a star in the making.

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