Artist Of The Day: The Unlikely Candidates

This is what breaking out of a musical category is.

In a state so highly stereotyped for producing country music and songs that bring out an artist’s true southern accent this band breaks this stereotype. Hailing from Texas, The Unlikely Candidates are a 5-piece indie rock band. Having formed in 2008, they have and always will be breaking an old cliche.

Since breaking out into the American music scene, the band has released EPs ‘Follow My Feet’ and ‘Bed Of Liars’ which were released in 2013 and 2017, respectively. During this, the band released their debut single “Follow In My Feet” which hit No.1 in the Adult Alternative Songs chart and peaked at No.9 in the Alternative Songs Chart. This single was followed up by two singles from their sophomore EP. “Your Love Could Start A War” peaked at No.36 in the Alternative Songs Chart and “Ringers” peaked at No.38 in the Alternative Songs Chart.

Your Love Could Start A War

The Unlikely Candidates


“Your Love Could Start A War” proved to have a popular opinion from the world, currently holding the highest-streamed song on their Spotify page with over 3.4 million streams. The song has an Arctic Monkeys-turned-U.S. feel to it. With strong guitar riffs and continuous piano rhythm, the song is quite fast-paced, but don’t let that misinterpret the words of the song. My advice is to forget the tempo, forget the guitar riffs and focus on the lyrics. This is a song you MUST check out, no ifs or buts. You’d be missing out.




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