Indie Dream Duo Bay Ledges Talk Dreams, Cookies, and Passions

Zach Hurd’s passion project turned trending duo, Bay Ledges is an upbeat indie dream that, following the release of their debut single “Safe”, is already making a significant impression on the indie/alternative community.

Comprised of siblings Zach and Georgia Hurd, Bay Ledges started as Zach Hurd’s passion project after moving from New York to Los Angeles. Zach’s move to LA made him shelve his musical explorations until he rediscovered his passion for songwriting while crashing with his sister. He started writing and producing, Georgia contributed ethereal vocals, and they put out “Safe”, which soon went viral, reaching the top 5 on Spotify’s Viral chart, and recently hit 3 million streams on the platform.


Bay Ledges

Since the release of “Safe” and ‘The EP’, Bay Ledges has been playing shows around the country. They recently played a show at Mercury Lounge in New York, at which their set was described as that that “made those summer elements come alive.” Their twitter feed is filled with attendees and listeners raving about their performances instilling feelings of glee and the summer surf.

Today, the band released the music video to their single “Safe” (see above), ahead of the release of their new EP ‘Fountain Tropical’ which drops on August 18. They recently posted a clip of a new tune from the album on their Twitter, if you want a sneak peek.


We were able to get in touch with Zach and Georgia to ask them about their inspirations, sibling dynamics, and music:

What is the meaning behind your song “Hearts”? The feel-good, dreamy melody paired with the confused lyrics paint a hopeful, youthful scene of learning to love.

That song was trying to describe those moments when you feel incapable of playing it cool or having it all together when you’re getting romantically involved with someone. I’ve felt like there are certain expectations we all have while in a relationship…and trying to figure out what those expectations are, and what you’re own are, can be a challenge sometimes. It’s kind of funny to step back and watch yourself in it.

Speaking from experience, working and creating with a sibling can be demanding. What is the dynamic like between the two of you—does it sometimes get overwhelming?

Our working dynamic in Bay Ledges has been pretty casual up to this point. We’d hang out and talk music even if we weren’t doing this project so that makes it all feel pretty natural.

The response from your EP and singles has been incredibly positive, and your song “Safe” has gotten an incredible amount of traction since it was released. How has that recognition and validation altered your creative process? Has it inspired you to push yourself to do more (musically and/or socially) than you thought you were capable of?

When Bay Ledges started it was just something I was making in my bedroom so it’s been really cool to see “Safe” reach so many people. All that exposure made us think about the live performance more seriously which has been a fun and challenging thing to explore. Last year I couldn’t envision how we would ever do these songs live so it’s been inspiring to see them come to life on stage.

Your sound and visuals are quite unique. Where do you draw your musical and visual inspirations from?

We’ve both been inspired by artists/bands that explore blending different sounds like Beck, Talking Heads, The Neptunes. It’s exciting when you hear a song that sounds like it was fun to make. Visually, we’ve benefitted from some other people being able to latch onto that idea of playfulness like Michael Theodoran who designed the cover of our last EP and “Safe”.

What is one artist, song, or album that you’ve been listening to recently?

For a while I couldn’t stop listening to “My Old Man” by Mac Demarco…such simple and thoughtful production with intimate lyrics. We’ve also been playing the new Kendrick album ‘DAMN., a lot. There’s great production on the album but his vocal and lyrical creativity is what puts it all on another level.

I’ve read reviews of your songs being described as upbeat and happy, with one blog even saying that your sound was “a soulful LA Priest eating an ice cream.”  What kind of emotions do you want your listeners and fans to feel when listening to your music?

Initially, the idea with Bay Ledges was to not think too much about how it would be interpreted by other people and to just make sure we were having fun making the songs. We’re still trying to work that way but I hope the songs make people feel good…and gives a freedom to not take yourself too seriously.

Tell me about your favorite show you’ve ever played. What was the energy like?

It was probably our EP release show last year! We put a house party together in LA. We had some chef friends make food for it, we bought a keg, and it just felt like a really fun night of people in our community.

What is next for Bay Ledges? (Any singles/albums/touring coming?

We’ve got a new EP coming out August 18! Our release show is at Bootleg Theatre in LA on 8/15 – tickets available here.

What are three things the world needs to know about you?

1. The chocolate chip cookie was the best invention ever made.
2. We’re from Maine so the Venice Beach ocean temp is always perfect.
3. We’re always looking for good spots to cut a rug in LA.

Is there any particular cause or charity that you are rather passionate about?

Habitat for Humanity is one we’ve both participated in and support. It’s amazing to be a part of building someone a home who wouldn’t have one otherwise.


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