Artist Of The Day: Sam Fender

With “Play God”, Sam Fender proves he’s the divine storyteller the music world needs.

The 21-year-old Newcastle native began playing in pubs when he was just 13, and it was one of these performances a few years later that caught the attention of Ben Howard’s manager. He was soon offered the chance to open for Willy Mason, which lead to opening for Ben Howard, Hozier, Catfish and the Bottlemen and more.

If Sam’s stunning first two singles are any indication, he’s soon to be a headliner himself. His first single “Play God” reached number one on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts shortly after its March release, and its follow-up “Greasy Spoon” has been getting major radio play (like, Elton John’s Beats 1 show major).  Their appeal is clear upon first listen – Sam’s soulful vocals combined with indie rock melodies creates something unique, catchy and emotional.



The video for “Play God” is all those things and more, highlighting the storytelling aspects of Sam’s lyrical style.  Lyrics like “sewer rats will shower the underground in a race to make ends meet” and “no matter who you are or where you been, he is watching from the screen” are reflected in the video’s ominous tone.  With imagery reminiscent of The 1975’s “Settle Down”, “Play God” paints a similar picture of a grey, seaside English town that’s not-quite-right.  Both videos center on young boys learning to fight, but only one features a sick dance routine, so Sam’s should go straight to the top of your watchlist.

Play God

Sam Fender


While Sam hasn’t revealed exactly when new music is coming, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing much more of him soon.  If you’re not prepared to wait, though, you can see Sam at festivals across the U.K. this fall and supporting Bear’s Den on their European tour.


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Artist Of The Day: Future Generations

Future Generations sounds like summer in New York. Riding in the back of cabs, reading in Washington Square Park and then driving out to Montauk when you get tired of sticking to the sidewalk.

The five-piece indie pop band got their start in the city, on the Bronx campus of Fordham University.  They’ve come a long way from producing EPs in their dorm room, however. They signed to NYC label Frenchkiss Records and put out their debut album in 2016.  The self-titled record was full of pulsing synths, shiny melodies and existential lyrics – the type not always expected in pop songs.  It’s this combination that allows their sound to feel as much like a drive to the beach as it does a nostalgia you can’t quite place.

Their single “Stars” particularly has that effect, evidentially because the same song exists in an 8tracks playlist under a band called The Suits.  Before preparing to crack open the indie-est plagiarism scandal of all time though, an intense sleuthing session (err, quick Google search) revealed that The Suits were, in fact, an early line-up of Future Generations. Conflict avoided.

One More Problem

Future Generations


Conflict, however, is the theme of their latest single “One More Problem” – a guitar-heavy track whose chorus asks “don’t you remember who you are?” According to a press release, it’s the first song collectively written by all five members of the band and a step towards more of a rock-driven sound that we will hopefully hear more of very soon. If you want more Future Generations right now though, you can see them at Welcome Campers 2017 festival in Springfield, MA.


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