Artist Of The Day: Daddy Issues

If Sorority Noise and PVRIS had a love child, it would be Daddy Issues.

If you ever questioned if three feminists can rock, Daddy Issues is here to prove not only do they rock, but they rock harder than you. The Nashville based trio showcases the perfect blend between brooding lyrics, heavy guitar based rhythms, and a badass band name (sorry Dad). Their mix of punk, grunge, and pop creates an effortlessly smooth and infectious sound I can’t get enough of.

In May of this year, Daddy Issues released their second album, ‘Deep Dream.’ The record features head banging worthy songs “Boys of Summer”, “In Your Head,” and “Locked Out.” “Boys of Summer” is a jam all about getting involved in that last minute summer fling with the bad boy down the street. “In Your Head,” relays the story of developing an obsession with someone to the point of constantly wondering if they’re thinking of you. (Do you think he likes me? But does he like like me??)

Locked Out

Daddy Issues

My favorite song on the album, “Locked Out,” brings to mind the summer after my freshman year of college, a sweltering summer filled with memories of That 70’s Show-style hangouts in the suburbs of Dallas, bickering with my parents, getting my first tattoo, and ending my teenage years as rebelliously as possible. The lyrics tell the story of realizing you’re not enough for someone and the ways we cope with the subsequent feeling of emptiness. Daddy Issues’ grunge inspired tune takes me back to a simpler time I’d give anything to go back to.Catch Daddy Issues on tour through October 14 and feel free to relay the whole experience because I’ve got a case of FOMO.


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Artist Of The Day: SPINN


Let SPINN take you to a dreamland with their single “Notice Me”.

Having just returned from Europe, specifically the UK, I’ve found myself seeking anything and everything that will take me back across the pond. Enter SPINN. This delightful new find hails from Liverpool and is bringing back all my pleasant memories of the summer days in the UK.

And I’m not the only one starting to take notice of these guys. On Spotify they’ve been added to the “Fresh Finds,” “Indie Songs for Slackers,” “Dreampop,” and “Fresh Finds: Six Strings” playlists. Their inclusion in these playlists has given them well deserved momentum and popularity.

With only two singles released so far, “Home” and “Notice Me” the self described “connoisseurs of Jangly Dream Pop” are already making a name for themselves.

Both singles have been released within the last year and have been rapidly gaining recognition and popularity. “Notice Me” is notable since it has earned an astounding 42,000 plays in the three weeks since its release. This is odd since the ensemble only has about 46,000 monthly listeners.

Notice Me


“Notice Me” is a perfect dreampop jam with a beautiful balance between the upbeat summery rhythm, the striking lyrics, and the perplexingly relaxing vibe. The lyrics tell the all too relatable story of becoming hopelessly infatuated with a lover incapable of reciprocating the feelings and speak to the dangers of idolizing them.

“Why won’t you notice me?” is my lingering question and I can’t help but wonder if it’s really asking how the group can grow and earn their own fanbase. Well, this I can confidently say, if SPINN is looking for fans, they can count on me.


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First Look: Kid Wave

Kid Wave Polaroid

Kid Wave Polaroid

Have you ever had the experience of listening to a band for the first time on record (or via streaming if we are going to be 21st century about it) and knowing instantly that they probably kick some serious ass live? You can almost imagine the way each song will bleed into another through a wash of feedback as the drummer counts out the next song. You can smell the sweat and stale beer through each track as they emanate from your speakers and you close your eyes to sense the experience to be held.

This was my first impression of ‘Wonderlust’, the debut album by Kid Wave, a four piece band from England by way of Sweden [Buy it on iTunes]. This is a band that was meant to be experienced live to fully embrace their sound. Sure, they wear their Indie Rock badges on their guitar straps, but what they have created is a collection of songs that fit perfectly together into a cohesive statement of a band to be beheld. The opening notes of the first song, the crackling “Wonderlust”, leap out at you before lead singer Lea Emmery slides up to the mic to seduce us with her husky, slightly lived in vocals. The restlessness of the lyrics mirrors the driving nature of the guitars and bass as Emmery details her visions of being anywhere but in the place she is. “Always have to run class for them kids, Because my mind was not at still, Stuck emotion running ’round, Yeah we all drift and come soon to be saved,” she intones and you can’t help but want to jump into a beat-up old car and run away with her. “Wonderlust” highlights what the band’s formula is at the heart; big thumping anthems that are meant to be shouted out at the top of your lungs.


Kid Wave

The rest of the record plays a bit with the same dynamic. “Gloom” is a pop song that dissolves into a barrage of feedback at the end. “Honey” slinks its way into your subconscious before landing on a buttery chorus. There are hints of Pavement, Veruca Salt and Elastica all over this album, with all three influences crashing together in the beautifully anarchic “I’m Trying to Break Your Heart”. Even the slower moments work, as evidenced by the lighter in the air ready “Walk on Fire” and acoustically sweet “Dreaming On”. I defy anyone not to melt into a pool of jello just hearing the first 15 seconds of “All I Want” and not want to instantly follow this band on tour for the next 6 months. It would certainly be worth the cover charge to see how much better they can be giving how impressive the start is.


Kid Wave


Kid Wave

Listen to this when: You’re driving in a car with your best friend, tapping the steering wheel and singing along off key, but with gusto.

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