Artist Of The Day: The Night Game

The Night Game’s reminiscent sound and effervescent vocals transport listeners into a 1980s dream.

Martin Johnson has returned with a new project that is likely to make him well-known again in the alternative music scene. This name might sound extremely familiar if you grew up in the early 2000s. Johnson was the frontman of the once-chart topping pop-punk band, Boys Like Girls. While the iconic emo kid staple takes a hiatus, The Night Game continues to find success and gain more and more fans each night as they open for John Mayer on The Search for Everything Tour.

Right after Boys Like Girls said goodbye for a short while, Johnson’s contemporary new wave indie band released their first song, “The Outfield,” in April 2017. Even though they only have one song officially released, we had the opportunity to see them open for John Mayer, and the rest of the band’s material is very promising.

The Outfield

The Night Game

When listeners first hear The Night Game, comparisons to iconic ‘80s synth bands can easily be made. Sounding similar to anthemic bands such as Tears for Fears and Simple Minds, The Night Game have huge potential to make it big.

In case you didn’t know,  John Mayer always hand selects his openers and continued that tradition for this tour. He discovered The Night Game in a way many of us find new music: from Spotify Discover Weekly! If The Night Game have the power to convince guitar legend John Mayer that they’re a dedicated band, they have the power to become your new favorite.

While embarking on their first tour as an opener, The Night Game will also be incorporating some solo dates as well. For the duration of August and September, they will be on their first solo tour playing intimate venues. Since The Night Game are currently on tour, new music is expected to be released from the band very soon.

With their powerful vocals, reminiscent sound, and catchy lyrics, The Night Game has the potential to become the next big alternative band. In a time when indie bands are continuously popping onto the scene, some go unnoticed and don’t end up gaining as much recognition they truly receive. However, we believe that The Night Game could very well gain the same craze that Boys Like Girls did ten years ago.




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