Podcast 08 – The 10 Hottest Rising Indie Bands Playing SXSW 2016, (1–5)

In this show, we look at the numbers to figure out who are the top 10 hottest rising indie bands playing this year’s SXSW music festival.

All this week we’ll be talking about #SXSW. It’s a crazy mega-festival which takes place in Austin, Texas every year. It kicks off this Wednesday, and it’s absolutely nuts… there’s over 2,000 bands playing this year, on more than 100 stages in the middle of the city’s downtown. They use literally every music venue, and really any bar or any place that has a stage where they can put a sound system. And there’s over half a million people attending.

It’s total chaos. There’s just so many bands, and so many options. And most of the bands are ones you’ve never heard of before. (That’s why it’s my favorite festival: it’s an opportunity to see incredible bands at a really really early stage, a lot of times before they are even big enough to tour.)

So we’ve got over 2,000 bands to choose from… how do we figure out which ones are the best ones to see? The ones that absolutely can’t be missed?

I show you how I solve this problem every year, and let you in on the process we use at ThisNewBand to find the best new up-and-coming artists.

Listen to the episode in the player below, or download it directly.

In the episode:

1. Basia BulatInfamousSXSW Field Guide ProfileTwitter

2. DREAMERSWolves (You Got Me)SXSW Field Guide ProfileTwitter

3. HAELOSSeparate LivesSXSW Field Guide ProfileTwitter

4. Julien BakerEverybody DoesSXSW Field Guide ProfileTwitter

5. Kita AlexanderLike You Want ToSXSW Field Guide ProfileTwitter

Additional music:

Intro song: Soft Lit – You Up

Transition 1: BLAJK – French Class

Transition 2: White Reaper – Shiela

Transition 3: Together Pangea – My Head Is On Too Tight

Also be sure to check out our SXSW Field Guide, an interactive web app where you can go and check out profiles on hundreds of our favorite showcasing artists.

Each band is tagged meticulously by rating, genre, the country they are from, and even if they have a male or female vocalist, and they are also tagged by our data metrics, Popularity and Heat (which are explained in greater detail in this post). So, for example, you could search for Garage Rock bands from the USA with a female vocalist who have a really high heat (they are growing really fast).

Check it out at sxsw.thisnewband.com.

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