Artist Of The Day: Daddy Issues

If Sorority Noise and PVRIS had a love child, it would be Daddy Issues.

If you ever questioned if three feminists can rock, Daddy Issues is here to prove not only do they rock, but they rock harder than you. The Nashville based trio showcases the perfect blend between brooding lyrics, heavy guitar based rhythms, and a badass band name (sorry Dad). Their mix of punk, grunge, and pop creates an effortlessly smooth and infectious sound I can’t get enough of.

In May of this year, Daddy Issues released their second album, ‘Deep Dream.’ The record features head banging worthy songs “Boys of Summer”, “In Your Head,” and “Locked Out.” “Boys of Summer” is a jam all about getting involved in that last minute summer fling with the bad boy down the street. “In Your Head,” relays the story of developing an obsession with someone to the point of constantly wondering if they’re thinking of you. (Do you think he likes me? But does he like like me??)

Locked Out

Daddy Issues

My favorite song on the album, “Locked Out,” brings to mind the summer after my freshman year of college, a sweltering summer filled with memories of That 70’s Show-style hangouts in the suburbs of Dallas, bickering with my parents, getting my first tattoo, and ending my teenage years as rebelliously as possible. The lyrics tell the story of realizing you’re not enough for someone and the ways we cope with the subsequent feeling of emptiness. Daddy Issues’ grunge inspired tune takes me back to a simpler time I’d give anything to go back to.Catch Daddy Issues on tour through October 14 and feel free to relay the whole experience because I’ve got a case of FOMO.


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