Artist of the Day: Mosa Wild

Mosa Wild’s debut single, “Smoke,” will rip your heart out of your chest with no warning and no mercy.

Mosa Wild have had a busy year between playing Reading and Leeds festivals later this month on the BBC Introducing stage, and having just played at Latitude festival in July. Based in Ashford, a relatively small town on the southeast corner of England, the alternative band is comprised of Jim Rubaduka on lead vocal, guitar, and keys, Alex Stevens on guitar, Edwin Ireland on bass, and Charlie Campbell on drums.

Rubaduka and Stevens originally made music together under The Intermission Project, while they were in the midst of taking a brief pause to decide whether to pursue music or head to university. After finding Ireland and Campbell through a twist of fate, their intermission came to a close, and the curtain lifted to reveal Mosa Wild.

The name Mosa Wild derives from Rubaduka’s grandfather, Mosa, whose name Rubaduka believed “simply felt right” next to wild. Their first and only single, “Smoke,” was originally released at the end of 2016, and was then re-released this July. Having drawn comparison to The National both vocally and musically, the band truly came out with a bang for their first release. As Rubaduka repeats “I’m gonna do my best to get to you” like a sort of hymn, I feel it deep within my soul, clenching in my chest.


Mosa Wild

As the song builds over a repeated, chanted bridge, and catapults into the last chorus, our hearts desperately hope for a resolution for the protagonist, who we saw smoking at the beginning of the song and promising to change her ways. The entire song is an exposition of the relationship between the singer and the protagonist, and between the building music and changing lyrics, it seems like the dissonance of their relationship is coming to a resolution. However, the chord is never resolved, as the song ends exactly how it begins, with a promise that she’s going to quit yet again, and our hearts are left hurting.

After listening to the song on repeat for 30 minutes, I’m left speechless. I feel a different range of emotions each time I listen to the song, sometimes I feel sheer rage and fury, and other times hopefulness decides to rear its head. In the end, I’m left feeling sorry for Rubaduka, who desperately tried to work through the relationship throughout the track, met with absolutely no change from the protagonist.

The way I’m left feeling is a testament to how absolutely incredible “Smoke” is. I was able to feel so many different things each time I gave the song a listen, and I felt them so, so deeply. In the end, my heart is left to take away one key message: love sucks.

Mosa Wild have promised new music coming soon, so be on the lookout for some more heart-wrenching tunes.

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