Artist Of The Day: Yoke Lore

Adrian Galvin played drums for Walk The Moon in 2011 and released a couple of tracks under the alias of Yellerkin. Now, Galvin is back and better than ever as Yoke Lore, an indie pop powerhouse with a bright future ahead of him.

You know that little band from Ohio called Walk The Moon? Of course you do. Let’s flashback to 2011, before “Shut Up And Dance” was even an idea. Several years ago, the group’s makeup was completely different than what it is today. Every member besides lead singer Nicholas Petricca had not come into the picture yet, leaving Walk The Moon’s lineup missing 75% of the guys that we know and love today. After the independent release of their first album  ‘I Want, I Want’, the guitarist, drummer and bassist of the band were all replaced. So, what happened to the previous members?

Well, we can attest to the whereabouts of one of the ex-members, namely the drummer. His name is Adrian Galvin, and yes folks, he has been making music for a while! In 2013, the New York native released a few singles and a four-song EP under the name Yellerkin, which featured dreamy, electronic accents swirling around melancholy beats. A few years later, Galvin reinvented his image from Yellerkin into who he resides as now: Yoke Lore.

Hold Me Down

Yoke Lore

Yoke Lore is rather new, having released just two EPs within the past two years. Though he doesn’t have too many songs available to the public, it’s incredibly easy to get immersed in what Yoke Lore currently has to offer. Featuring fluttering synths, booming drums, and the occasional metallic banjo twang, Galvin flawlessly infuses several different genres into one bold overall sound. “Hold Me Down,” a track from his first EP, quickly became his most popular, racking up over 4 million streams on Spotify.

Following the success of “Hold Me Down,” Yoke Lore came through with another fantastic release, this being another EP entitled ‘Goodpain’. There are five songs on this release, and each of them is just as fascinating as the rest. Galvin’s natural ability to express emotion through his voice and descriptive lyrics is extremely rare and impressive. On his song “Goodpain,” Yoke Lore presents the same features that everybody loved about his first EP. His unique vocals blend beautifully with a prominent bass line, enrapturing harmonies and some funky guitar work. The result is an infectious and airy tune that makes you feel as though you’re floating through time and space.


Yoke Lore

If you can’t get enough of Yoke Lore’s music, you may have the opportunity to see him live in the next few months! Galvin is embarking on a fall tour with Overcoats and Aquilo this fall, and may just be coming to a city near you.


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