Artist Of The Day: SPINN


Let SPINN take you to a dreamland with their single “Notice Me”.

Having just returned from Europe, specifically the UK, I’ve found myself seeking anything and everything that will take me back across the pond. Enter SPINN. This delightful new find hails from Liverpool and is bringing back all my pleasant memories of the summer days in the UK.

And I’m not the only one starting to take notice of these guys. On Spotify they’ve been added to the “Fresh Finds,” “Indie Songs for Slackers,” “Dreampop,” and “Fresh Finds: Six Strings” playlists. Their inclusion in these playlists has given them well deserved momentum and popularity.

With only two singles released so far, “Home” and “Notice Me” the self described “connoisseurs of Jangly Dream Pop” are already making a name for themselves.

Both singles have been released within the last year and have been rapidly gaining recognition and popularity. “Notice Me” is notable since it has earned an astounding 42,000 plays in the three weeks since its release. This is odd since the ensemble only has about 46,000 monthly listeners.

Notice Me


“Notice Me” is a perfect dreampop jam with a beautiful balance between the upbeat summery rhythm, the striking lyrics, and the perplexingly relaxing vibe. The lyrics tell the all too relatable story of becoming hopelessly infatuated with a lover incapable of reciprocating the feelings and speak to the dangers of idolizing them.

“Why won’t you notice me?” is my lingering question and I can’t help but wonder if it’s really asking how the group can grow and earn their own fanbase. Well, this I can confidently say, if SPINN is looking for fans, they can count on me.


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