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Please read all of this before you begin:

For info on what ThisNewBand is and what we cover, read this handy guide!

* If you filled out a contributor form previously, please fill this new one out as it includes much more information about you and your skills. We need everyone’s info in the same place. You will be prioritized over other applicants.

** If you want to write for us as well as photograph, you need to fill out our writer application as well:

(Sorry, but there are just too many talented photographers out there. We encourage you to find a smaller outlet or local venue where you can develop your skills first.)


We are creating a “contributor pool” of 40+ photographers in key cities around the world, who specialize in either portrait, concert, or artistic photography.

Why are we using a large group of photographers instead of a small number?
Because of our large audience and reach, we have so many photographers in our network that it is possible to have a contributor in each city. So for example, if we are doing a feature on a band in Phoenix, we can contact the portrait photographer in our pool who lives there.

Our priority right now is doing artist portraits, which are more unique and valuable to bands than show photos. We aim to produce high-quality sets of photos that bands can use for their profiles and promotion, so your work will be seen much more widely than just in an article on our blog. In the next year, we will produce portraits for over 200 emerging bands.

With concert photos, we aim to send photographers to one of the first three dates of a tour, so that we can post them up quickly and use the images to promote the rest of the tour. Having a pool of contributors in every city makes this easy to execute.


We are specifically looking for photographers who are highly motivated, and can send in their edited photos quickly.

We are looking mostly for those who have prior experience and a solid portfolio, but are also going to accept a select group of promising talents who we can mentor and develop into great photographers.

Our process will be very collaborative, and we aim to help all of you improve your skills.


We are creating a brand new team of videographers and video editors who can execute everything from simple social media posts (snapchat, instagram, instagram story, twitter) to YouTube series (we have some amazing ideas), to more artistic and documentary-style productions.

Great video talent is one of our biggest needs right now, as this content is extremely important to our future growth.


We are looking primarily for female, queer, and POC talent, and will show favor to applicants who are under the age of 25. (These align with our community and there are enough cis white dudes in the industry.)

All of our contributors are unpaid volunteers. (Running the blog literally costs us money). By filling this out, you’re cool with not getting paid. This is not an internship.

In exchange for working for us, you will get experience with a rapidly growing media brand with deep industry relationships, as well as mentorship from editors and veterans within the music industry. Some of our past photographers have gone on to get paying jobs in media (tour photographers, marketing jobs, etc.), once you outgrow us or get “too good”, we will happily open up doors for you to move onto better opportunities.

You may get chances to attend shows and festivals with complimentary tickets, however do not expect free tickets. This is a privilege that will be earned over time.

We use Google Drive (Docs and Sheets) for assignments and pretty much everything, so you must have an email address which is associated with a Google account.


Please DM me on Twitter if you have any questions or issues!


Best of luck!

Harley Barnes
Founder + Editor, ThisNewBand


Link to Photo + Video Team application.

Link to Writing Team application.