Every Queer Indie Artist On Spotify Is On This Playlist

There are so many great queer artists to support. Here’s a playlist with all the ones we could find on Spotify.

Queer Indie Icons, a playlist.

This is based on the original thread that Jac Walsh (@DUMPxHIM on Twitter) made on Twitter in response to PWR BTTM, and the thread which followed. The playlist was then compiled by our correspondent Manda (@lmaomanda).

We’re working on a SoundCloud version and a master list for you.

Did we miss anyone that is on Spotify? Tweet them to us @ThisNewBand or email me directly: harley [at] thisnewband.com

P.S. – In case you missed it, here’s a playlist we made full of indie bands with women and people who identify as female: Strong Indie Women, a playlist on Spotify.