Artist of the Day: Harrison Brome

Harrison Brome, a native of Vancouver, Canada, is making waves globally following the release of his debut EP, ‘Fill Your Brains’, in July.

Brome’s sultry song, “Midnight Island”, is about to hit 3.5 million plays on Spotify, and was just added to a popular Dutch playlist with over 50,000 followers. The title track to his EP, Fill Your Brains, currently has 1.6 million plays, and has garnered attention after being featured in an episode of Shameless in November and gaining placement on Spotify’s “Chill Tracks” playlist with over 500,000 followers.

At only 20 years old, Brome stands out by finding a way to effortlessly combine various genres, including pop, alternative, R&B, and electronic. This unique intertwining of styles is also evident in his vocals – the silky, sultry nature of his voice lends itself more to soul and R&B, while the sharpness and grittiness of his vocals fit the pop or alternative bill.

Midnight Island

Harrison Brome

The song that has garnered the most attention off Brome’s debut EP is “Midnight Island”. Brome details his journey of falling away into a utopia, and invites the listener to join him as he croons, “let your body escape, take a breath from your mind, if you would rather rest in a place of paradise.”

Fill Your Brains

Harrison Brome

On “Fill Your Brains”, the title track to his EP, Brome’s hollow vocals soar above floating harmonies. The simplicity of the track, with just a drum beat, vocals, synth, and low piano, perfectly fits the somber, bare tone of the song. It is difficult to forget the distinct gloom that Brome creates as he comes in with the hook, “fill your brains to kill your pain.”

Brome is definitely an artist to watch in 2017. With an impressive 484,000 monthly listeners and placement on playlists with tens of thousands of followers on Spotify, Brome has already garnered a strong fanbase who are highly anticipating his next release. With a long-awaited North American tour on the horizon, and new music set to release in the new year, it is clear that Brome’s success will only continue to grow.

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