Artist Of The Day: Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams, with the release of her latest EP, definitively proves that she can hold her own and is so much more than just a support artist.

Her newest EP, ‘Let’s Just Forget It,’ won the award for Best Produced Release and was the runner-up for Release Of The Year at the Unsigned Music Awards in 2016. Williams’ most popular song, “Mother”, has surpassed 4.1 million Spotify plays. She boasts an impressive 180,000 monthly listeners and is featured on the prominent “Wild + Free” playlist with more than 30,000 followers on Spotify. Most recently, she was featured on VEVO DSCVR and has racked up more than 100,000 plays her live rendition of her track, “Let’s Just Forget It”.

Williams, who hails from Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, has amassed quite a following since her 2014 debut. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter has scored support slots with LANY, MAGIC, Nathan Sykes, and Barns Courtney, and played her first headline tour with various sold-out shows in 2016. Williams cites Vampire Weekend, Coldplay, and Slow Club among her biggest musical influences, and credits her experience being raised in Portsmouth and past relationships as her biggest inspirations for lyrics.


Jerry Williams

The sweet, upbeat tone of Williams’ most played song, “Mother”, contrasts with the somewhat more serious message of the song. On the track, Williams details her desire to run back to her hometown in order to become herself again. With the catchy hook, “Mother, I don’t feel myself,” and the call-to-action, “I need to get back to where I started,” Williams lays out her love of Portsmouth and how it shaped her into the woman she is today.

Let's Just Forget It

Jerry Williams

In title track to her third EP, ‘Let’s Just Forget It’, Williams truly demonstrates her diversity of sounds. Beginning the song like a lullaby, she croons, “cradle me like a baby, this cruel world, let’s just forget it.” The drums and guitar slowly kick in and then build to a beautiful, heart-wrenching climax, before falling once again to the softer, more stripped-down chorus. Williams’ storytelling ability, through the ebb and flow of her music and lyrics, truly shines on this track.

Boys Don't Cry

Jerry Williams

Fresh off the release of her music video for “Boys Don’t Cry,” her take on The Cure’s classic hit, fans are extremely excited for Williams’ new music. Williams has already announced a few upcoming shows and has clued her followers in on the fact that she has been writing new music, but for now, all we can do is eagerly await whatever she will put out next.

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Jerry Williams photo credit: Gareth Gatrell