Artist Of The Day: Mondo Cozmo

Mondo Cozmo, the alias of the Philadelphia-bred singer-songwriter Joshua Ostrander, has only released four singles so far, but is already making some waves.

With a voice reminiscent of folk singers from the ‘70s that he combines with modern alt-rock beats, Mondo Cozmo has a sound that is all his own. His music has the innate ability of drawing you in and holding you there. Like a great story, you want to see where the song will go, making his listeners feel as if they’re moving with the singer on an epic journey.


Mondo Cozmo

The song “Shine” features deep vocals backed by folky, yet elegant, instrumentals. Each line holds meaning that is accentuated by the use of quick drum beats, attention-grabbing guitar riffs, and spectacularly layered harmonies. Due to its infectious lyrics and killer rhythm, “Shine” has been getting a fair amount of attention recently thanks to both radio stations and streaming sites, allowing Mondo Cozmo to reach new fans through various channels. The song has exploded on Spotify, with nearly 3 million streams to date since its release late last year, and looks to only grow more popular over time.

The musical style of Mondo Cozmo is reminiscent of greats like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and even James Taylor, but is executed in a way that remains authentic and new. He’s managed to create what musicians spend their whole careers trying to achieve: a unique and innovative sound that people can connect with.


Mondo Cozmo

A typical song by Mondo Cozmo beautifully incorporates instrumentation and harmonious aspects that result in a listening experience so deep, it’s hard to ever imagine that it started off as single pieces and ideas. He finds a way to make each song a masterpiece with his own personal flair.

Mondo Cozmo provides a much needed breath of fresh air in an industry where songs can begin to sound the same. Currently on tour opening for Bastille, it seems like the sky’s the limit and he’ll only be getting Higher.

Listen to Mondo Cosmo on Spotify or SoundCloud.