Artist of the Day: Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma (Photo Credit: Anna Maria Lopez)

Hot off the release of their debut album, Sundara Karma is stepping into the spotlight of the British music scene once again.

The young band, hailing from Reading, England, has been slowly gaining a following over the past few years by touring with other indie favorites, but they will surely be leaving a distinct mark with this album. ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ is an anthemic album that shows the progression and honing of the band’s sound in relation to their past releases.


Sundara Karma

Garnering comparisons to the likes of U2 and Bruce Springsteen, Sundara Karma has perfected their own brand of arena rock-inspired indie tunes that boom through your speakers. They played the main stage at Reading Festival this past year, and have been getting airtime on BBC thanks to their introducing segment, which has just added onto the expectations of their new releases. After the release of 3 EPs and accompanying singles over the past few years, their debut album was released on January 6th, and to the delight of fans and critics alike, it delivered.

‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ is referred to as a constant study of escapism, based mainly on their hometown and it’s relation to the larger city of London nearby. Through the lyrics you can almost tangibly feel the desire to change your life through location or actions, and that makes each track interesting and relatable. The idea of getting away from it all is constantly romanticized, but in this form, it is surprisingly subtle in it’s approach despite its focus within the music.


Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma has already embarked on a run of shows spanning through the UK, Europe, and North America that will last through the Summer. Get your tickets now as you don’t want to miss your opportunity to see these boys play before they upgrade to arenas.

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Sundara Karma


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