Artist of the Day: Nightly


Nightly is the latest musical act out of Nashville to be making waves in the industry.

The duo just dropped their debut EP, ‘Honest’, featuring hit single “XO”. Their music has so many underlying elements and nuances that make it extremely interesting to listen to, and highly addictive. Nightly has made a name for themselves in the alt-pop scene in Nashville for being very DIY when it comes to their music and their live shows. Homemade light shows and production add sincerity and atmosphere to their presence.



‘Honest’ opens up with the band’s first ever single “XO”, which is a 3 minute peek into the issues of a toxic relationship. Pounding percussion drives the instrumental of this song, and the melodies created by Jonathan Capeci’s vocals deepen and layer the overall sound of the track. “Honest” brings some elements to the EP that no other tracks do, such as distorted background vocals and building percussion.



Joey Beretta’s guitar riffs are expertly weaved into every single song and add an almost haunting note to them. Every element in the instrumental from synths and percussion tracks to guitar riffs and other sound effects are tastefully layered to create Nightly’s signature sound. With the depth of every track’s sound, you would have no idea that this was their first release. Nightly is extremely polished and already seem to have a full grasp on their sound, which can be hard to come by and develop.

Nightly is currently gearing up for their first ever headline tour next month. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Tumblr, and on their site.